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DIY Investor Magazine

  • Building a really simple investment portfolio

    For those new to investing, the sheer choice of investment options can be daunting, but it should be possible to construct a simple, well diversified investment portfolio...

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  • Global perspectives: Between a lockdown and a hard place

    We believe there is a growing disconnect between the global rebound in asset prices and the shape of the post-lockdown recovery.

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  • Children of the Revolution: the aftermath of lockdown

    The coronavirus pandemic is far from over, but perhaps we have seen the end of the first act; most of the developed world is in ‘lockdown’ after equity markets saw one of their worst ever quarters.

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  • Investing Basics: What are Bonds?

    Unlike a share, where investors literally buy a share in a company’s profits, a bond is an ‘IOU’ from a company to an investor who loans it money

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  • Catching the flight to quality

    The macro outlook for India remains challenging amid global uncertainties, slowing domestic growth and concerns over certain sectors.

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  • How to construct an equity portfolio

    Portfolio construction gets less attention than picking stocks, but it can have a profound effect on the risk you are exposed to and the returns you achieve

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  • Dividend outlook for 2020

    COVID-19 has resulted in a demand and supply shock to the global economy with dramatic implications for gross domestic product growth, corporate profits and dividends

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  • Income investing 101

    Do you need your portfolio to generate cash? Is paying your bills and having enough income to live on more important than growing richer? If so, you need to focus on income investing.

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  • Funds: the basics

    Funds, traditionally referred to as mutual funds, are collective investments that pool investors’ money to buy and sell shares or other assets in a range of companies to maximise profits and reduce risks.

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  • How to select a fund

    Selecting a fund or funds can seem overwhelming from the thousands to choose from, so here are some pointers to bear in mind.

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  • A simple guide to fund pricing

    Funds pool the money of lots of investors to buy a portfolio of investments; the price of these assets fluctuates, as does the size of the fund as investors buy and sell shares.

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  • Unit trusts vs OEICs

    Funds not only differ in the sectors or geographical territories they invest in, there are also different ways for them to be structured.

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