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Cookie policy

This policy explains how our website uses cookies. It forms part of our privacy notice and the terms and conditions of our website.

On 25 May 2018 the law changed to give you enhanced rights over your personal data. We have updated our Privacy Notice to clearly explain how we protect your data and how your enhanced rights apply from 25 May 2018. To read the latest version, please click here.

When we refer to our website we include the website (or any other such website as we may notify you of from time to time) and we also include all subdomains. Subdomains of a website share the last part of the URL, such as ‘’ in their address.

Investment Risk Warnings

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and any income from them is not guaranteed and you may get back less than you invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

EQi does not provide investment advice. If you are in any doubt as to the risk or suitability of an investment or product you should seek advice from an independent financial adviser.

The extent and value of any ISA tax advantages or benefits will vary according to the individual's circumstances. The levels and bases of taxation may also change.

What are cookies?

Like many websites, this service uses cookies. Cookies are small text files of information that a web server transfers to a cookie file on the device you are using to browse this website (commonly a computer or mobile phone) to collect and store information. We use them so that we can deliver a more efficient service to you and it enables us to analyse customer journeys through the website to inform any future enhancements we might make.

Likewise, cookies are beneficial to your use of this website because they avoid the need for you to enter the same information repeatedly during one transaction and also safeguard your security when using our secure online services. For example, if you remain logged in for a period of time but we detect no activity from you we may automatically end your session to protect your account or prompt you to tell us you are still using it.

Cookies can also enable us to tailor content and messages that you see. This means we can present more relevant information about our services based on you and your accounts than if we didn’t use them at all.


Cookies have different expiry durations. These can be grouped into two types that are stored on your device:

  1. A session cookie which lasts for the amount of time you keep your web browser open for, and;
  2. A persistent cookie which is stored on your device for a defined period of time which could be up to 12 months.

We use both of these types of cookies in three ways termed by us as (1) strictly necessary cookies, (2) performance analytics cookies and (3) targeted advertising cookies.


1. Strictly necessary cookies

These are the types of cookies that let you move around the website and use its features.

In this category we use session cookies. The session cookies help you make applications for services and also login and navigate around secure areas of the website. In order to avoid requiring users to login repeatedly to access different parts of the website we use session cookies to securely identify users. Which cookies are used will depend on which areas of the EQi site you access but these cookies will be removed at the end of your session.

Our session cookies are encrypted, and those ending in A are used in the encryption process, the others hold the encrypted data required for the web applications to function properly.


2. Performance analytics cookies

Performance analytics cookies collect information on how customers use our website. This helps us to improve the service we offer. These cookies do not collect information that can identify a user of the site; however, if you want to opt-out, information on how to do this is below.

Our website uses two types of performance analytics tracking: Decibel and Google Analytics.

Decibel Insight web analytics service

In order to provide better content and service, we use Decibel to measure the website experience of our users; by monitoring mouse-movements, clicks and website journeys we can measure and benchmark our website to see where it is underperforming and take action to put it right.

Decibel Insight does not track your browsing habits across other third-party websites. For more information about the data practices of Decibel Insight, please visit their privacy policy.

Google Analytics

We use Google analytics to help us understand website usage such as how many unique visitors we have and how frequently they visit the site. Information collected by Google analytics cookies will be transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the USA in accordance with its privacy practices. For further information on Google’s privacy practices and your choices, please see the links below in “Managing your cookies”.

When customers login to our secure investment platform we combine information from Google Analytics with trading data to help us understand how customers use our site, such as whether new customers experience difficulties making trades or whether customers’ product choices influence the way they use our site. For information about how we protect your privacy in this activity please see our Privacy Notice.

Trading data used in this way is always anonymised and when trading data is combined with Google analytics data, the results are never shared with Google. If you want to opt out, please phone us on 0345 0700 720 or login to your account and send us a secure message (we ask you to send us a secure message in order to protect your privacy because we will need you to send us personal details [name or account number] to activate your opt out).


3. Targeted advertising - Third party cookies and tracking pixels

These third party cookies (also known as tracking pixels) help ensure the adverts you see online are relevant and useful to you. To do this, we work with selected Third Parties (Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin) whose cookies collect information about your activity both on our website and on their services on the internet.

The website usage data collected by these Third Party cookies allows us to serve you with more tailored advertisements that we think will interest you based on your interests. This also allows us to create adverts that appear for users with a similar profile to you and users of our website. For information about how we protect your privacy in this activity please see our Privacy Notice.  These advertisements will appear in the websites listed above and as “re-marketing” i.e. ads placed by the sites listed above which appear in your browser window.

Combined with information on the performance of our website and marketing activity, the Third Party cookies improve relevance and limit the frequency of the advertisements that you see.

Please see the ‘Managing your cookies’ section for more information about how you can control or opt out of these advertising cookies.


Updates to this Cookie Policy

Last updated: 31 July 2019

We review our use of cookies regularly. In doing so, we may change which ones we use, the information we collect via them and how we keep it.

We recommend you review the information on this page on a periodic basis to ensure you are familiar with the way cookies are used across our website.


Managing Your Cookies

Many internet browsers allow you to control cookie usage or stop accepting certain cookies. These options are usually within the Options or Preferences section of your internet browser menu. To understand more about these settings the following may be of use.

Managing cookies based on your browser:

Managing cookies with third parties e.g. advertising and tracking:

  • If you are unsure which browser you have you may find this online service useful:
  • To find out more about cookies:
  • For further information on advertising and Third Party cookies in particular, you may find the following resource helpful:
  • To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites you can do so by using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on
  • To opt out of being tracked by Decibel you can do so by visiting the Decibel opt out page
  • To opt out of having your trading data combined with Google analytics data, please phone us on 0345 0700 720 or login to your account and send us a secure message (we ask you to send us a secure message in order to protect your privacy because we will need you to send us personal details [name or account number] to activate your opt out).
  • Find out more about Facebook cookies and how to control them
  • Find out more about Twitter cookies and how to control them
  • Find out more about LinkedIn cookies and how to control them
  • Find out more about Bing cookies and how to control them
  • Find out more about Google Adwords cookies and how to control them
  • Further information about the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations can be found on the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office

Changes in legislation

We continue to monitor the situation regarding clarity of the new EU cookies directive and steps required to implement these on a practical level. We will make any further necessary adjustments to this website as further guidance is issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office.