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Funding your account

To start buying investments, you’ll need to fund your account; there are three ways to top up 

  • OPTION 1

    Debit Card

    You can start trading in minutes by calling the EQi Customer Experience Centre on 0345 0700 720, Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00

  • OPTION 2

    BACS Transfer

    You can arrange a BACS Transfer from your dashboard but as a new investor, it can take ten days to set up

  • OPTION 3

    Monthly Direct Debit

    Decide how much to invest, from as little as £10 per month.

Make the most of your account

  • EQi explains

    How to invest in an ISA

    Make the most of your annual £20,000 allowance

  • EQi explains

    Make the most of your shares

    Buying shares in a company means you have a direct stake in its future performance

  • Eqi explains

    How to invest in a Lifetime ISA

    How to open, fund and invest in your Lifetime ISA

  • EQi explains

    How to invest in funds

    It pays to do your research, that's why we've done it for you

Tools for the trade

  • Eqi explains

    With funds available, you can set up "Regular Investing"

    The advantage of investing each month is that over time, it’s possible to smooth out any market fluctuations

  • Eqi explains

    Investment income

    Use our regular withdrawal or income payaway feature to create an income from your investments, or set up a dividend reinvestment

  • Why EQi?

    View and elect voluntary corporate actions online

    You can view voluntary corporate actions - UK rights issues, open offers or takeovers - from your EQi dashboard.