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EQi takes the issue of security seriously and operates with robust security measures, whether handling data and information online or offline. There are some simple steps that you can take to help protect yourself against the risk of fraud and identity theft too.

How EQi will help to protect you

Security of your personal data is always of paramount importance to us and we operate rigorous internal controls to ensure your identity and personal information remain secure and confidential at all times.

Investment Risk Warnings

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and any income from them is not guaranteed and you may get back less than you invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

EQi does not provide investment advice. If you are in any doubt as to the risk or suitability of an investment or product you should seek advice from an independent financial adviser.

The extent and value of any ISA tax advantages or benefits will vary according to the individual's circumstances. The levels and bases of taxation may also change.

At a glance

Industry standards of security

Our website complies with industry standards of security and meets the requirements set by Verisign to qualify for their seal. We secure your private information using a Verisign SSL certificate. Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission.


At account log in, we ask that you enter your Account Number, date of birth and a selection of characters from your Personal Identification Number (PIN). This is a difficult combination to duplicate. In addition, if the incorrect combination is entered more than three times, your account is instantly locked.

Dropdown selection

At log in, we use dropdown options for you to enter the date of birth and PIN characters. Using your mouse to reveal and select from the dropdown makes it much harder for anyone to copy the sequence you enter, and avoids the risk of ‘keystroke logging’.


We employ the highest industry standard 256-bit encrypted online technology which converts data into an encoded form before it is sent over the internet. This prevents unauthorised users from reading it.

Session timeout

Our system will automatically log you off after a 60 minute inactive period, so you don't need to worry if you forget to log off yourself.

Communications about your account

We encourage two-way communications via secure messaging at all times, in fact this is our preferred means of talking to you regarding your account.

How you can help protect yourself

There are some simple steps that you can take to help protect your personal information:

  • When EQi contacts you, we will always identify ourselves and provide contact names if you would prefer to call us back. We won't discuss any details of your account via email. The secure message facility provides a safe and secure means of communication for these purposes.
  • Always make sure you are using a secure internet connection to connect to your service provider. Look for "https" at the beginning of the address and the "padlock" symbol.
  • Avoid using the "remember my password" option that some browsers offer, especially if you are using a shared computer such as a work pc, internet cafe, public library or other public network.
  • Ensure that the anti-virus software for your personal computer is always up to date.
  • Keep your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Chrome) and operating system (e.g. Windows) up-to-date by automatically downloading service upgrades: these often include security measures to counter newly discovered threats.
  • When accessing the internet via your mobile phone, consult your service provider about security measures.
  • When accessing the website, enter your PIN using the dropdown lists, which helps to avoid the possibility of "keystroke logging".
  • Never disclose your entire PIN to anybody, even a member of our staff. EQi only ever ask you to provide all of the digits of your PIN at the same time once if you are a new customer. Except on the first occasion you login, you should be suspicious on any occasion you are asked to provide you entire PIN.
  • Consider changing your PIN on a regular basis, as you would other passwords.
  • If at any time you think your PIN has been compromised, change it immediately online by logging into your secure account and using the "change pin" tab under Admin.
  • Regularly check both your online statement and dealing history to ensure that there are no unfamiliar transactions and tell us immediately if you have any concerns.
  • Always ensure that you notify us in writing of any change of address when you move house.
  • Shred all documents that contain personal information.
  • Check your personal credit file by requesting a copy from credit reference agencies, such as Experian, Equifax and Callcredit; there will usually be a charge for this.
  • In the event you have any concerns regarding your account or feel your account has been compromised, please contact our Customer Experience Centre immediately on 0845 0700 720 (or +44 20 7015 4800).

How you can find out more

You can find further useful information about protecting your identity from other sources including:

The Office of the UK's Information Commissioner 

Get safe online

Some third-party internet security product providers that you may want to consider for your own purposes: