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Dealing account pricing

When you pay out less year on year, you’ll have more to invest which can go a long way to helping to meet your goals

  • Flat rate

    Custody fee

    We charge a fee of £17.49 per quarter for holding your assets. Because it is a flat fee, no matter how high the value of your investments climb, the custody fee remains the same

  • Pay per trade

    Dealing commission

    When you buy and sell investments, you pay per trade; if you trade more than 20 times a month, the price drops to £5.99

  • Free to buy

    Funds platform fee

    If you hold funds (Unit Trusts and OEICs), we charge a percentage of their value per quarter; there is no fee to buy funds

  • Fee is


    Your dealing commission and funds platform fee are deducted from your custody fee. Over a quarter of our customers fully offset their custody fee, so they only pay to trade

We keep costs low

Fees matter, as, like interest, they compound.

If you pay out less year on year, you’ll have more to invest which can go a long way to helping to meet your goals. We even offer ways to offset fees: all EQi customers pay a custody fee, but if you trade shares twice in a quarter, you will fully offset your custody fee.


All EQi pricing

Example: Offsetting

  • Custody fee


    The quarterly custody fee for your dealing account

  • Dealing commission


    The cost of two share trades at £10.99 each

  • Offset custody fee


    As the dealing commission of £21.98 fully offsets the custody fee of £17.49, no custody fee is payable in this quarter

  • Custody fee

  • Dealing commission

  • Funds platform fee

  • £0

    You’ll pay no dealing commission if we don’t meet best execution*

  • 20x

    Trade 20+ times a month and your dealing commission will drop to £5.99

  • £0

    Join us and pay no custody fee in your first two quarters

  • General administration and postage fees

  • Transfer out

  • Banking charges

  • Probate valuation

  • Interest payable on cash

  • Tools

    Fund picks for seasoned investors

    Emerging Markets, US equities or Asia, we've got 50 funds to choose from

  • WHY EQI?

    The EQi Dealing account

    Unrestricted, low-cost access to a wide range of investments both in the UK and overseas


    DIY investing

    Learn more about this hands-on approach to growing your wealth over the long-term

*For terms and conditions see our best execution price promise.