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Market data

Use our tool to follow the performance of the Dow Jones and Cboe indices

  • Market data

  • Cboe UK 100

    The Cboe UK 100 index aims to be comprised of the largest 100 listed companies in the UK, ranked by their full market capitalisation. The value of the index is, for comparison purposes, equivalent to 10% of the FTSE 100 index.

  • Cboe UK 250

    The Cboe UK 250 index is comparable to the FTSE 250; it is made up of the next largest 250 UK public companies ranked by market cap and is a price return index. The index base level was 10,000 at its launch in 2010.

  • Cboe UK Small Companies

    This index is comparable to the FTSE Small Cap index; it contains the companies in the Cboe UK All Companies index that are not constituents of the Cboe UK 350. It is a price return index and upon its launch in 2010, its base level was 10,000.