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Self-Invested Personal Pensions from EQi

With a SIPP you can actively manage your investments for the retirement you want

Open your SIPP
  • 1.4m

    Well over one million people in the UK now have a SIPP*

  • 4hrs

    People typically spend almost 6hrs planning a holiday but less than 4hrs planning their retirement**

  • 33%

    The average pension pot of a woman in her 60s is around a third of the value of a man’s***

What makes an EQi SIPP unique?

There is one big difference when you choose EQi for your SIPP: not only can you pick your own investments you also decide which company will act as your SIPP provider.

EQi is unique among the leading DIY investment platforms in the UK as investors can choose a SIPP from a panel of over 50 leading providers, and then manage it on our platform.

Or you can choose the EQi SIPP, which is administered by our partner Gaudi, and offers a flat annual fee that is one of the lowest in the market.  

View our SIPP panel

  • What do SIPPs offer?

    A SIPP stands for Self-Invested Personal Pension. They enjoy generous tax benefits, give you access to a wide range of investments when compared to traditional pensions, and any gains made are free from capital gains and income tax.

  • SIPPs may not suit everyone

    Why? Because a SIPP puts you in the driving seat. A SIPP is a pension ‘wrapper’ which allows you to hold investments and decide what to buy and sell. The investment decisions you make are your own and, as with other investments, the value of your funds can fall as well as rise.

  • Is a SIPP right for you?

    • If you are happy to be an active investor
    • If you are comfortable making investment decisions
    • If you want to invest in a wider range of assets, such as trusts or individual shares
  • WHY EQI?

    The tax benefits of a SIPP

    SIPPs share the significant tax benefits common to other private pensions.

    The government automatically pays an extra 20% into your pension (the basic rate of tax). If you pay a higher rate of tax, you may be able to claim back up to 46% via a Self-Assessment tax return.

  • Choice and control

    Typically, investors have little or no choice in how their contributions are invested. A SIPP is different, you are your own fund manager.

    A SIPP gives you access to a wider range of investment options, which means you can diversify your portfolio and seek returns which can boost your retirement pot.


    SIPPs explained

    Learn more about how SIPPs let you take an active part in investing for your future

  • WHY EQI?

    EQi SIPP pricing

    Fees matter because, like interest rates, costs compound


    Which fund?

    Funds for seasoned investors from Square Mile, the independent investment researchers


    ISA, SIPP or both?

    An EQi customer discusses her reasons for holding both a SIPP and an ISA

*Source: MoretoSIPPs     **Source: LV= Adviser Centre    ***Source: This is Money