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Key features of the EQi SIPP

With an EQi SIPP, Gaudi provide the low-cost admin and trustee services, while we give you the platform to select assets and manage your SIPP

Open your SIPP
  • £118.80

    The EQi SIPP has a flat annual fee of £118.80, one of the lowest in the market

  • 99.9%

    We meet best execution 99.9% of the time, if we don't we'll refund our commission

  • £0

    Our price holiday means no fee in your first two quarters

Why choose an EQi SIPP?

SIPPs share the attractive tax benefits common to all pensions but they are different in one key respect – you control all of the investment decisions.

The EQi SIPP gives you the flexibility and investing opportunities you need to play an active part building your pension over the long-term, and we now have many SIPP customers who have built portfolios valued at over £1m.

You can invest in a wide range of assets, access investing tools and expert views, and even choose from funds that align with your long-term goals.

At EQi, you are the manager of your own pension fund but, as with other personal pensions, that leaves two further requirements – administrative and trustee services. EQi does not provide these services and so we partnered with the SIPP provider Gaudi, as this means our customers benefit from great service but at a low-cost.

  • Want to open a SIPP and manage your pension on EQi?

    For DIY investors looking to open and manage a SIPP themselves we offer the low-cost EQi SIPP, which is administered by our partner, Gaudi.

  • Already have a SIPP and want to manage it on EQi?

    If you have an existing SIPP elsewhere or you wish to open a SIPP with EQi and have it administered by a provider other than Gaudi, we work with over 50 leading providers so you can manage your SIPP from your EQi account.

How does the EQi SIPP work?

Gaudi will manage the administration and trustee services for your SIPP under their pension scheme, ensuring that you get all the tax benefits offered by the Government.

You’ll pay an annual administration fee, which covers the costs of the day to day running of your SIPP, including processing contributions, transfers, investments and paying benefits.

EQi works alongside Gaudi as the custodian of your assets, and it is the EQi platform that allows you to access and control your investments.

You can also transfer any previous SIPPs, private pensions or employer pensions into your EQi SIPP account, and by bringing them together in one pot, you can reduce the amount you pay in fees and benefit from the EQi SIPP low annual administration cost.

You then build your portfolio of investments, and join 1.4 million other SIPP investors who are also working towards financial independence in retirement.


SIPPs explained

  • Why Gaudi

    • The EQi SIPP has a flat annual fee that is one of the lowest in the market
    • Since Gaudi was established in 2008, its aim has been to keep costs down for self-investors
    • Gaudi is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and provides SIPPs to large national firms of financial advisers and online brokers, as well as many thousands of self-investors looking to secure the retirement they want
    • In addition with Gaudi you pay no fees for life events such as death and divorce, or early account closure

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