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EQi and the transfer to interactive investor

More information, FAQs and key documents for customers who have moved to ii

EQi and interactive investor

We announced in March that Equiniti had agreed to transfer some of its EQi business to the investment platform interactive investor (ii).

That transfer took place over the weekend of 26 and 27 June. If we wrote to say that your account was transferring to ii, your new service started on 28 June. You should now log in to ii to manage your investments. Your service with EQi is closed.

The key documents below may be helpful but if they do not answer a question you may have about your new service, please contact ii.

The easiest way to contact ii is by sending a secure message. To do this, log in to your new ii account and go to ‘account > secure messages’. You may also find it helpful to visit ii’s new customer hub at

Should you have difficulty logging in to your new account, please call the ii team on 0345 607 6200.

Key documents

General and pre-transfer FAQs

  • Why is my account moving from EQi to interactive investor?

  • Why are some customers staying on EQi?

  • When will my account move?

  • Do I need to do anything?

  • Who is interactive investor?

  • Will my money and investments be safe with ii?

  • What does this mean for EQi service before my account moves to ii?

  • What happens if I don’t want to move to ii and would prefer to stay on EQi?

  • Can I come back to EQi after my account has moved to ii?

  • I don’t have any money in my account, will I still be moved to ii?

  • Can I transfer to a new provider before my account moves over?

  • Can I transfer existing investments and share certificates into my EQi account before moving to ii?

  • Can I still open an account with EQi?

  • What will happen to my LISA?

  • Why will my dealing account, ISA or SIPP move to ii and not my LISA?

  • What will happen to my child’s CTF?

  • My child’s CTF will mature before the summer or in the summer, what should they do?

  • I’m a Shareview customer that moved to EQi in January, will my account move to ii?

  • I have two EQi accounts because my Shareview account recently moved to EQi. What will happen to each account?

Getting set-up on ii

  • How will I log in to my account on ii?

  • What happens if I don't provide an email address?

  • Will I be able to access information from my old EQi account on the ii platform?

  • Will the EQi website remain accessible once I have been moved to ii?

  • What if I already have an ii account?

  • How will my portfolio’s book cost be treated?

  • I have a complaint raised with EQi, will this continue to be handled by EQi or handed over to ii once my account moves over?

Post-transfer FAQs

  • Will my saved debit card details move to ii?

  • Will my appropriateness check be applied to my ii account?

  • Will my watchlists be transferred over to my ii account?

  • Will I still receive promotional and market insight emails at ii?

  • Will my W8-Ben move over to ii?


  • Will my ISA remain flexible on ii?

  • If I've subscribed to an ISA in the 2021/22 tax year can I continue to subscribe with ii as it’s a different provider?

  • Do ii offer Junior ISAs?


  • Will my SIPP provider remain the same on my SIPP account?

  • I have an EQi account through a SIPP. What does moving to ii mean for me?

Pricing FAQs

  • What are the account charges on ii?

  • Can you tell me more about the ii price promise?

  • I am on a specially negotiated rate with EQi – will this be covered in the Price Promise?

  • What are the trading commission charges on ii?

  • When will I pay my last custody fee with EQi?

  • When will I start to be charged ii fees?

  • How will my fees be deducted at ii?

  • What are the fees for investing in international markets?

  • How will investing in international markets work?

  • What are the fees if I am an overseas account holder?

  • What are the fees if I have a company account?

  • I am a former Halifax Investment Services Limited (HISL) customer, when will I start to pay ii fees?

Third parties, joint accounts, investment club FAQs

  • I have a joint account, are there any changes I need to make?

  • I have an investment club account, are there any changes I need to make?

  • I have a company account, are there any changes I need to make?

  • How will the move affect powers of attorney or authorised third parties?

  • How will the move affect executors?

  • I have multiple accounts at EQi with different logins for each. How will the move affect me?

Regular instructions - in more detail

  • Will the regular deposits and investments I have set up continue on ii?

  • Will dividend reinvestment and income payway continue to work on ii?

  • Will the dividend reinvestment I have set up continue on ii?

  • Will the income payaway settings I have continue on ii?

  • Will my regular withdrawal continue on ii?