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Price comparison

We're committed to transparency, so we’ve set out how EQi fees compare to Shareview Dealing

How it works on EQi

  • You’ll pay less to make online trades

    You’ll find online dealing commission is lower with EQi, share trades cost just £10.99. What’s more we offer a frequent trader rate of £5.99 if you make more than 20 trades in a calendar month.

  • We charge a low flat custody fee

    EQi charges a flat custody fee of £17.49 per quarter, so no matter how high your investments grow, this fee will not increase. This fee covers account administration and the safekeeping of your assets.

  • Offset your custody fee with trades

    The good news is this fee can be offset with any online dealing commission paid. For example, if you trade shares at least twice in a quarter, the custody fee is fully offset.

If you pay a corporate rate for your account, you can view your fees from your account profile under rates and charges.

Compare key fees

  • Dealing commission

  • Custody fee

Example: Offsetting fees



    If you trade twice in the quarter, you will pay £21.98 - equal to £10.99 per trade.



    This is the flat quarterly custody fee for an EQi dealing account. It is charged at the end of each quarter.



    As you've already paid £21.98 in dealing commission in the quarter, you won't be charged the £17.49 quarterly custody fee - it has been offset.

Fees that will stay the same on EQi

  • General administration and postage fees

  • Banking charges

What could you expect to pay?

  • Investment Account

  • ISA

  • EQi ISA customer

    “Keep costs down. This is really important as charges eat away at your returns. That’s one of the reasons I use EQi to hold my money – because of its charging structure.”

When will EQi fees start to apply?

  • Quarterly custody fee

  • All other fees

  • All EQi fees

    To see all EQi fees including the funds platform fee and SIPP provider fees please see our pricing page.

  • DIY investing

    Understand the world of investing and decide if it's right for you

  • FAQs

    We have an FAQs page dedicated to answering any questions you may have  about the move to EQi.