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Tax and ISAs

ISAs are one of the most tax-efficient ways to invest

Open your ISA
  • 0%

    Pay no capital gains tax on profits made in an ISA

  • 0%

    Pay no income tax on dividends derived from an ISA

  • 3.9m

    3.9 million investors hold a stocks and shares ISA in the UK*

The tax benefits of an ISA

There are different rules that apply to savings, and your income will impact the amount of tax you pay on any income and profits earned.

  • What is capital gains tax?

  • What is a Bed and ISA?

  • Bed & ISA charges and tax implications

  • What happens if I accidentally break annual allowance rules?

  • Inheritance tax

  • WHY EQI?

    The EQi Flexible ISA

    Learn more about the benefits of our flexible ISA


    Types of ISA

    Get to know the main types of ISA


    How to invest in an ISA

    Make the most of your annual £20,000 allowance

  • Insights

    Who wants to be an ISA millionaire?

  • EQi pricing

    With pricing tailored to your investment activity, what can you expect to pay?

  • ISAs explained

    Find out more with everything you need to know about ISAs

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    We are one of the few providers to offer a flexible ISA