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How to invest in an ISA

Make the most of your annual £20,000 allowance

Open your ISA

Funding your account

  • OPTION 1

    A lump sum

    You can fund your Stocks and Shares ISA by making a lump sum payment by Debit Card or via your linked bank account.

    If you already have a Dealing Account, you can transfer cash from this account to your ISA.

  • OPTION 2

    Mix and match

    Of course you can also open your Stocks and Shares ISA with a lump sum and then top it up throughout the tax year with regular payments.

    We’ll keep an eye on the amount you contribute to ensure you don’t exceed your annual ISA allowance.

  • OPTION 3

    Regular deposits

    You can make regular monthly deposits into your ISA from as little as £10 a month.

    You can then set up a regular investment for only £1.50 per investment, less than our £10.99 cost for each trade.

  • Add share certificates

    Here’s how to transfer share certificates into your tax-efficient ISA:

    1. Complete a CREST transfer form and move your share certificates into your EQi dealing account
    2. Sell the shares* in your EQi dealing account
    3. Transfer the funds into your ISA
    4. Re-purchase the shares within the ISA - this process is called a Bed & ISA
  • How to Bed & ISA

    Bed and ISA is something of an odd term but it refers to a simple process.

    If you hold investments outside your ISA and you want to transfer them into one, a Bed and ISA allows you to do so.

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    Who wants to be an ISA millionaire?

  • EQi pricing

    With pricing tailored to your investment activity, what can you expect to pay?

  • ISAs explained

    Find out more with everything you need to know about ISAs

  • Transfer to us

    We are one of the few providers to offer a flexible ISA

*The sale of shares may be liable for Capital Gains Tax, if your profits from the sale exceeds the current annual capital gains allowance of £12,000.