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Information relating to transfers ahead of the move to interactive investor

Transferring your investment account to EQi

EQi ISAs, dealing accounts and SIPPs will be transferred to interactive investor in the summer, as part of the agreement reached with ii by Equiniti. If you plan to move to EQi, the final date that you can transfer investments into your EQi account(s) is 5pm on 14 May.


If I do move to EQi, when will my transfer be complete?

Although we can accept transfer requests into an EQi investment account up to 14 May, we are not able to guarantee a date for the completion of the transfer of assets. If assets are not received prior to the migration to ii, EQi will manage the transfer to your new ii account as soon as they are received.


Lifetime ISAs

As ii does not offer Lifetime ISAs, they will not be moved to the ii platform.

At a future point, it may well be the case that an agreement is reached to move EQi LISAs to another provider, although no plans have been confirmed as yet.

How to transfer to EQi

  • Transfer


    Open your new EQi ISA online. 

    Download, print out and complete the ISA transfer in form.

    Return the completed form to us and we’ll take care of the transfer from your old provider and pay the funds into your new EQi ISA.

  • Transfer

    Dealing account

    Open your new EQi dealing account online.

    Download, print out and complete the dealing account transfer in form.

    Return the completed form to us and we’ll take care of the transfer from your old provider and pay the funds into your new EQi account.


    Lifetime ISA (LISA)

    First, complete and return the Lifetime ISA application form.

    You can only transfer cash into a LISA so you’ll need to sell any investments to enable the transfer.

    We'll let you know once your LISA is open, and you can recommence investing.



    Get in touch with your existing SIPP provider and ask them to arrange the transfer to EQi.

    Ask your provider to transfer your cash and assets from your current SIPP to your new EQi SIPP.

    Once the transfer has been completed, you can manage your investments.


    Share certificates

    It's free to transfer share certificates into your EQi account.

    To consolidate your shares into you portfolio, simply fill in a CREST transfer form for each individual shareholding and send it to us with your share certificates(s).

Which account is right for you?

  • Dealing Account

    For individuals or a group of up to four people, access global investments with this flexible, unrestricted account

  • Flexible ISA

    Invest up to £20,000 per year, take advantage of tax-free investing, and access your money at any time

  • Self-Invested Personal Pension

    Enjoy more control and access to a wider range of investment options and benefit from attractive tax advantages

  • Lifetime ISA

    Available for those aged 18-39, you can invest up to £4,000 per year and the government will add a 25% bonus up to a maximum of £1,000

  • Smoother, faster transfers for our customers

    We work with STAR, an initiative which focuses on improving the transfer of savings and investments from one financial institution to another. 

    At EQi, we are committed to making the transfer of assets into your ISA, LISA, SIPP or dealing account easy and quick.