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How to read fund factsheets

We break down the jargon and answer common questions

  • EQi explains

    About Square Mile

    Find out more about one of the most respected investment fund research firms in the UK

  • EQi explains

    Fund selection criteria

    Would like to know how Square Mile arrives at its selections? Here we outline the factors they look for when analysing funds 

  • What does ‘outcome’ mean and what does it tell me about a fund?

  • What does the Yield figure represent?

  • What does ‘ex-Ante’ mean under ‘Transaction Cost'?

  • What is included in the ‘On-going Charge’ figure?

  • What does the Square Mile Rating tell me about a fund?

  • What does the acronym ESG stand for?

  • What is the ‘UN PRI Strategy & Governance Rating’?

  • What does the ‘Financial Express Crown Rating’ represent?

  • What does the ‘Sharpe Ratio’ tell me about a fund?

  • What does the ‘Sortino Ratio’ tell me about a fund?

  • What does ‘Maximum Drawdown’ mean?

  • What does the ‘FE Risk Rating’ score tell me about a fund?

  • What does the ‘SRRI’ score tell me about a fund?

Investing in funds

  • EQi explains

    Square Mile's picks for EQi

    Three starter funds designed to get you started

  • Tools

    Find funds

    Search or browse all the funds available on EQi

  • Why EQi?

    Who are Square Mile?

    Find out more about Square Mile

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