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How you can take part in new share offerings as an individual investor

  • Placings

    Are new share offerings to raise capital

  • Accessible

    Usually only available to institutions

  • Free and fair

    Now you can take part with PrimaryBid

What are placings?

A placing is the issue of new shares when companies are looking to raise money. Usually new or 'primary' shares are only offered to institutions, which is what makes a placing different to a rights issue, where the shares are offered to existing shareholders. 

When you buy shares in a company which already exists in the market, these are known as secondary shares. Primary shares are new shares issued by a company for example, through an IPO or a placing - the key difference is that with a placing, the offer is not open to everyone, only investment organisations such as banks, funds and accredited investors.

  • Using PrimaryBid to take part in placings

    As placings are usually only available to institutions, we have not been able to offer this service to our customers directly.

    So we have joined up with PrimaryBid, a platform that allows individual investors to participate in new share placings by listed companies.

    Investors who register will be notified of new offers as soon as they go live. Even better, your shares will be automatically transferred to your EQi dealing account once they have been allocated.

    Visit PrimaryBid



How it works

  • Step 1

    Sign up

    Sign up for a free PrimaryBid account and add your EQi dealing account number so your shares can be transferred directly. 

  • Step 2


    When a company is raising capital through PrimaryBid, they will instantly notify you by email or push notification.

  • Step 3


    Review the terms of the share offer and subscribe using your debit card. 

  • Step 4

    Receive your shares

    Once allocations have been confirmed, your shares will be transferred into your EQi dealing account.

    • It's fair - PrimaryBid enable investors to transact at the same time and at the same price as institutional investors.
    • It's free - There is no commission or fee for using PrimaryBid
    • If you are in any doubt about whether your EQi account can hold a certain investment made through PrimaryBid, please contact us for confirmation
    • For tax reasons shares can only be transferred to your dealing account - they cannot be transferred to an ISA, LISA or SIPP
    • Find out more at PrimaryBid FAQs
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